Y12 Flat Top General Service Lift

The Y-Lift’s  patented open design eliminates the restrictive scissor arms and corner posts common to other styles of drive-on lifts, so technicians have more room to work. Gain full vehicle access from side-to-side and front-to-rear for the technician.  The Y-Lift maximizes rise speed based on the weight of the vehicle – up to 50 percent faster than a scissor and four-post lifts with the same 12,000 lb. capacity! The faster rise time means technicians using a Y-Lift can complete service quicker.


12,000 lbs.

The Y-Lift Will Help You Maximize Speed, Performance and Reliability!

  •  True Vertical Movement And Compact Footprint
  •  Gives Technicians More Room To Work
  •  Flat Top Surface
  •  Innovative Weight Sensing Operation
  •  ALI Gold Certified (Y12NX)


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