YA12 Alignment Lift

When it’s time for alignments, the Y-lift can handle them all – from tiny 71-1/2″ wheelbases up to 158″ giants. And, it’s compatible with all leading alignment instrumentation, including 3D and camera wheel alignment systems.  Unlike a parallelogram, the YA12 provides true up/down lifting. There is no forward or rearward movement reducing valuable bay space.


YA12 includes adjustable radius gauge pockets, oversize rear slip plates, (2) RJ6000 rolling jacks, internal airline, filter regulator lubricator and turnplate filler kit.  Radius gauges not included.



12,000 lbs.

Why the Y-Lift?

Because your service operation needs speed, performance and reliability to increase productivity and add dollars to your bottom line. That’s “Y”.

  •  True Vertical Movement And Compact Footprint
  •  Gives Technicians More Room To Work
  •  Alignment Service
  •  Innovative Weight Sensing Operation
  •  ALI Gold Certified (YA12NX)